1. Wheel of Fortune


The slot game that has endured the longest in casinos across the nation is Wheel of Fortune. This slot game is a three reel based game with a progressive jackpot. Users sit down at the machine, place their bets, spin, collect three wheel spins and then spin the big wheel for a chance to win the jackpot or other smaller prizes. Combined with graphics and sounds from the Wheel of Fortune show that has been a phenomenon for over 40 years, these slots look as if they will stick around just as long if not longer.

There are quite a few videos on youtube about people with insane runs (they are not played online on a site like situs judi slot terbaik, but in real casinos) – for example:


  1. Blazing 7’s


Blazing 7’s is one of the oldest slot games. The Bally hotel and casino was the first to introduce this game back in the 1970s. Its simplicity is what attracts users to keep coming back. The three reel is still used today, but many casinos also offer a five reel version. The wheels of the three and five reel versions are emblazoned with sevens. The user bets per line and spins the reels. Combinations of sevens are rewarded per a predetermined payout. The highest payout is for spinning three blazing 7s.


  1. Double Diamond


Double Diamond slots are appealing for simplicity. In this game there is only one payline to bet. If a bar appears at any point on the payline the user is rewarded. This is known as an Any-Bar win. Cherries appearing on the payline are wins also. One cherry appearing on the payline will be awarded less than two cherries. It does not matter which reels the cherries appear on, as long as they are on the payline. The maximum win comes from spinning double diamonds. Rewards are offered for other combinations of symbols and double diamonds also. The frequency of hits is what makes this game so appealing.