A Quick Familiarization


For beginners, Baccarat is probably the easiest game to learn and play. The strategy, which is explained later, is quite simple as are the rules. So, let’s get to it!!! Played with a 52-card deck in a shoe consisting of 6 to 8 decks the goal is to get as close to 9 as possible. Face cards, including 10’s, have a value of zero. All other cards are at face value with Aces having a point total of 1. First off you’ll place your bet. There are three ways to bet: Player bet, Banker bet and Tie which will be explained in more detail in the next section. Then the player and the banker (dealer) are dealt two cards each. If either the player or the banker’s card total is an eight or a nine after the cards are dealt the game is over and the person holding the highest total wins. If the player’s card total is a five or less the player is automatically dealt another card. If the player’s point total is a six or a seven it is an automatic stand. If the banker’s total is two or less, they draw another card and stand if it is a 7. In addition the banker will not draw another card if their two card total is a three and the player’s third card is an 8, if their total is four and the player’s third card is a zero, one, eight, or nine, if their total is five and the player’s third card is a zero, one, two, three, eight or nine, and if their total is six and the player’s third card is a zero, one, two, three, four, five, eight or nine. If the card total is more than ten, then ten is deducted from the total. For example if you are dealt an Ace and a King your total would be one. And remember the closest to 9 wins with a 9 on the first two cards being a natural.


Ways Of A Winner


So, how do you come out of the casino a winner on a site like https://gclubbz.net/ทางเข้า-gclub? The strategy is fairly simple. First off, never take the Tie bet. Even though the payout can be 8 to 1 or even 9 to 1, the house advantage is somewhere in the neighborhood of 14%-15%! If you and the banker actually do tie and no Tie bet was placed the outcome of the hand is a push (bet is returned). So, the other two options are to bet on yourself (Player) or the banker which both payout 2 to 1. Usually the Banker bet involves a 5% commission to the house when you win and this can steer player away from the bet. The casinos do this because the Banker bet is the best way to go when playing Baccarat with a house edge of just 1.05%! The player bet has a house edge of 1.23%! This is including the commission for the Banker bet. So, in the long run you will win more with the Banker bet. The last and most important part of a winning Baccarat strategy is to play fast and short! This is true for nearly all games in the casino. Treat it like a sprint. Once your bankroll is more than you came in with you should at least switch tables if not leave the casino for the day. Follow these simple steps and you are sure to make a bit of money! And remember to be responsible and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!