Dominoes QQ, also known as dominoes Qiu Qiu, is a popular gambling game ( more on bandarQ) that uses 28, two-sided dominoes, which are just as often or not, represented as dominoes with flat cards. Each domino has two numbers,a top and a bottom number.

In a game of Dominoes QQ, each player is dealt three cards to start. Then there is a common series of bets such as checks, folds, or raises. If after this series of betting moves only one player remains standing, he wins the pot.

However, that scenario rarely happens, in which case, all the remaining players receive a fourth draw of the cards.

Here again, there are checks, folds, and raises. Let’s say one player remains standing after the betting. Then, he grabs the pot and does not have to show his hand. On the other hand, if two or more players remain standing, then there will be a showdown of the cards.

What makes Dominoes QQ unusual is the way the dominoes are counted. For example, cards are assembled into pairs, but only the second number of the pips are counted.

For example, if the total number of pips adds up to be 24, then the player has a standing pip count of 4. On the other hand, if the player has a total of 16 pips, his pip count is 6.

The highest pair in Dominoes QQ, is a total of nine, for which the game is named after. Besides a pair of 9’s, there are four hands which are also exceptional.

• High Pips If the total pips on four dominoes is 38 or higher, this is what is known as a high pip. High pips are lose to 9s, but are otherwise exceptional.

• Low Pips Another very strong hand is having four cards with a total count equally 9 or below. This is called low pips,and is a strong hand.

• Double Dominoes Next, there is the hand known as double dominoes, where you get two pair of doubles.

• Straight A straight ranks less than a pair of 9’s but beats all other combinations other than the high pips, low pips and double dominoes. A straight is having four pips in a row, ie 3, 4, 5 and 6. At the final showdown, the highest player wins. For example, if two players have straights, the higher straight wins

Important considerations

The game of QQ Dominoes can be played both in person, but generally in on-line casinos, as in the case of most Muslim countries, there are severe penalties for physical gambling..

When evaluating an online casino, pay attention to the rules, and as a beginner, be cautious about which games to enter. You don’t want to start out playing high stakes Dominos QQ as a beginner without understanding the game.