Poker is one of those games that has continued to grow in an impressive way. People have embraced online poker from the time of inception in the mid-90s all the way up until today where it has become one of the most popular Internet games.

The Early Poker Games

People that invested in poker early were the ones that were getting into the game in 1994 where poker tips where not backed by any type of money. These poker games were strictly for fun. There was no real money betting, and there were no top internet online poker players like there are today.

The earliest games were part of an environment that embraced the concept of relay chat to play against other people. This allowed people to play the game against others, but there was a long and drawn-out process to getting access to the poker game. It was not available on any type of phone, and the graphics were very bland at that point.

People that were playing poker were going to be playing this game with very limited access to any other environment other than the computer. This is something where people were looking at poker as a thing where they would have to utilize dial up and wait to log online. They would then have to log into a session where they could establish a poker game. One of the most difficult things about playing poker in the early stages was that it would take a long time to initially get started. There may

Have been at least a 10 minute delay for the time after people signed on to their computers to the time that the game got underway. This may be one of the biggest characteristics of the early poker games. It was a process just to get these early games – that did not involve any real money – started.

Technology Improves

As technology advanced it became obvious that people were more enticed by the concept of gambling. They wanted to play poker with money. New game experiences would include real money. Prior to 2000 real money bets became a reality. People have the ability to play poker online, and they had the choice of backing their chips with real funds. This would be the start of a phenomenon that would continue to grow.

Phones And Apps

As poker continued to change the variety of poker games became vast. There were straight poker games. There were games like Texas Hold’em. The concept of online poker became something that was talked about excessively. It became something exciting for those poker players that were initially looking for variety that they were not able to sign up with the early poker games.

As time progressed apps became centralized for playing poker. It became easier to access poker games. These games that were once only accessible after a 10-minute startup we’re certainly available at the touch of a button on sites like