While the top online casino games around the world tend to be similar in many countries, in Asia they are often quite different. This is due to the Asia-centric games that millions of Asians have grown up playing.


Once these games became available in online casinos, they also became the most played games by Asians online as well.


Mahjong — The Chinese games of Mahjong has been played in China for hundreds of years, ever since the game was invented during the Qing dynasty. It began to spread throughout Asia in the early 20th century, but became accessible to hundreds of millions more Asians when Mahjong became accessible as an online casino game.


Nowadays, the game is played online by tens of millions of Asians every week, making it one of the top online casino games in Asia.


The game is a dominoes-based game with an outcome that depends on how good your hand is compared to the hand of the dealer. It is also a game that can have a quite lucrative playout, which is another reason so many Asians love playing it.


It is not recommended you play Mahjong, however, unless you can make fast decisions and are quick at putting them into action. Particularly against Asian players who are well-acquainted with the speed of the game. A speed that is even faster online than off.


Pachinko — While this is not a game that is likely to be played by most Western gamblers, Asian players adore Pachinko and will play it at any opportunity. Hence why it has become of the top three online games in Asian online casinos.


Pachinko is very similar to pinball machines, as it is played with a ball that has to be shot in specific directions in order to fall into a variety of holes. When it does, a number of reels spin just like they do when playing slot machine games. When the wheels stop spinning, the player then finds out how much they won.


As Pachinko is a game that is based more on luck than on skill, Asians love it as luck is extremely important in all Asian cultures.


Keno — Another Chinese invented game, Keno is a little bit like Bingo in that it is played with numbers on a card. The difference in Keno, however, is that the player themselves chooses the numbers they think will win.


Once they have chosen their 20 numbers, the Keno machine goes into action choosing the 15 numbers for that game. The more a player’s 20 numbers match with the 15 numbers chosen by the Keno machine, the more money they win.


There are also several types of betting options to choose from, each of which offers a higher payout but also a higher risk.


Keno is available to play in arcades all over Asia, hence why it has also become a very popular judi online kasino game.