Playing online poker is fun but you need to know how to manage your money to avoid getting into a financial crisis. What fun is it to use all your money on online poker and end up not having enough to meet your day-to-day needs or pay your bills? Some people even have found themselves in debt because of poor bankroll management. Even if you have all the knowledge and skills needed to play online poker, it is possible to go broke if you do not practice proper bankroll management. Many online poker players, especially professionals, are using bankroll management systems because they know just how essential bankroll management is to having a good online poker experience. Below are some of the reasons why bankroll management in online poker is important.

Choosing your stakes

The first important step in bankroll management is setting aside money to use on agen poker terpercaya. Your poker bankroll is the amount you can afford to use on poker and not the whole amount in your account. The amount you set aside for poker should not be committed elsewhere. Otherwise, the fact that you are depending on the amount you might win to repay that money will make you play scared since you cannot afford to lose that money. So it will ultimately affect your poker playing experience. The stakes for which you play should be determined by how much you have in your poker bankroll and not the other way round. You cannot always win in poker, even if you are an expert at it. Playing within your poker bankroll will enable you to absorb your losses and still have enough money left to keep playing.

Good habit for any poker player

If you are not disciplined when you are just starting out and playing for micro stakes, you will carry this habit with you even when you start playing for bigger stakes. Remember old habits die hard, and you are no exception to the rule. Therefore, even for poker players who play for micro stakes, it is important to learn the discipline of bankroll management early so that if you ever want to start playing for bigger stakes, you do not risk blowing all your money on online poker.

Play cautiously

Proper bankroll management will also prevent you from busting the whole of your poker bankroll and having to wait for a long time to be able to play again. You will use the money in your poker bankroll cautiously knowing, for instance, how much you cannot exceed in a day or week. This is so that your poker bankroll is able to sustain your poker playing up to your next payday or the next time you will be able to replenish your poker bankroll.


Bankroll management in online is something you can learn, practice, and become good at. It may be difficult at first but it will save you a lot of trouble and frustration and make your online poker experience much more fulfilling in the long run. If you are not yet practicing proper bankroll management, it is high time you started.