Looking for a fun way to make money online that isn’t a traditional mind-numbing slot machine? You should definitely consider playing domino poker, but you are asking how do you play online domino poker? The rules are simple once you jump right in, and this game can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Here are some tips for those wondering how do you play online domino poker?

The Basics of Domino Poker

To best understand the game of domino poker, or 99domino as it is most commonly called, it is nothing more than an adaptation of straight poker using a set of double six dominoes without any of the blank tiles. There will be 20 total tiles in play in which to make your hand. This game is design for between two and four players, and really is a unique twist on the game of poker itself. If you prefer a little skill and strategy in your game, then domino poker may just be the perfect game for you.

The Rules of Domino Poker

Just like in regular online poker, each player will put an ante into the pot before the hands are dealt. Regardless how many players are in the game, five tiles are dealt up with the remaining tiles dealt down. Just like regular poker, play rotates to the left, and each player can do one of the following when it is their turn. The player can check the action, meaning staying in the game without adding money to the pot. Folding is an option where you drop out of hand and cannot win the pot. Betting means you add money to the pot and can only be done in first round if no one else has bet. A player can call if they add the money to the pot equal to the bet. Lastly, you can raise after a player has either bet or raised the pot.

Hand Values in Domino Poker

Scoring in domino poker is just like straight poker in that the better the hand score, the better chance you win the pot. Here are the hand values in domino poker:

  1. Royal Hand – A hand with five doubles, only one player can have this hand each round because double one and the double zero are removed.
  2. Straight Sixes – Sequence in a suit of sixes. There are no ties because there’s only two ways to get this domino poker hand.
  3. Four of a kind – Four doubles, again, only one player will be able to get this hand each round.
  4. Straight Fives – Sequence in suit of fives. There’s two ways to get this hand.
  5. Full House – Three doubles and two of a suit. For example: [1-1], [2-2], [4-4], [5-3], 6. Straight Fours – Sequence in suit of fours with no ties.
  6. Three of kind – Any three doubles.
  7. Flush – This hand consists of five tiles in same suit, but not consecutive order.
  8. One pair – Hand that has any two doubles. Ties settled in favor of highest double.
  9. High card – If none of the previous hands apply, winner has highest card.

This should have addressed your concerns about how do you play online domino poker. Now go have some fun and make some serious money in the process.