How to Balance Your Range in Online Poker

Although there are a number of different online poker (btw, you can start playing on 389poker) playing styles, balancing your range will help you to last longer and win more. Betting styles have a lot to do with being successful at the poker tables, the two most popular are loose and tight styles. Today we are going to reveal why playing loose can net you huge amounts of chips, if you can learn to control your play.

With the loose online poker playing style, you are going to be involved in many more hands than the tight players. This means that when you raise with your 4 7 off suit before the flop, you might see a set or better on the flop. Now that the rest of the table sees you as reckless, they might think that their pair of aces is solid and will try to trap you. Once you spring your all-in bet on the river, you are more likely to get callers just because of your loose online poker playing style.


Another advantage to the loose online poker playing style, you are going to swallow up the tight players because you are making them uncomfortable. The tight player will not call big bets with marginal hands, so they tend to fold and leave you with less competition or chances of your hands getting beat. Even if you get that other player to follow you to the river, they are less likely to make a call when you don’t slow down because of your reputation. They simply think you caught on the river and don’t want to have to pay you off just to see what they already suspect.


The loose online poker playing style will put you in line to winning more pots over time. Just by nature, many of the other players are going to continue to fold their hands before the flop because they are not willing to let you push them around, so you scoop many more blinds effortlessly. Unless these players are dealt a pair or big cards before the flop, they simply don’t want to go to battle with a loose player. Even though you are holding junk, you still have the chance to connect on the flop if they happen to go for the ride.


If you are a big fan of the loose online poker playing style, you can really make things challenging for new players who want to see the flop with every hand but not willing to pay. If you spot a new player who is too timid to pay to see the flop, you simply raise up those blinds every time they are in that position. They will toss their hands and live to fight another day, until they grow tired and move to another table.


Now you see why so many new young players are a fans of the loose online poker playing style. Even if you scare off new players, others will gladly jump in their seats to provide you an endless source of easy money.