Poker games have interested players for many years. Many of the newer games offer much better odds for the player to win, and are becoming extremely popular. One of these games is called Domino QQ, and it is one of the most widely played games. Domino QQ is available online, can easily be played using a smartphone, computer, tablet, or any mobile device. The game is played in Indonesia, and called Kiu Kiu, 99 Domino Poker, or Qiu Qiu, and has similarities with Pai Gow.

Domino QQ is played with a set of dominos. The set has 28 dominos, and in some cases, small cards are used instead. The game begins once the players have placed their bets, and each player is dealt three cards. Once the players look at their cards they may place their bet, call, fold, or raise. If only one individual placed a bet, the game is over, the player wins, and does not have to reveal their cards. If more than one player bet, each player is then dealt a fourth card. There are two rounds of betting, with the second round offering a higher limit. When the betting is complete, the players show their cards, and the highest hand is the winner.

The game categorizes the cards into pairs, and the sum of each pip is totaled. When a pip totals 23, it is counted as 3, and a 19 would be counted as 9. The highest possible pair is a 9, which is referred to as a kiu. The highest pairs receive the first comparison, followed by the second pair. Only three hands will have a higher ranking than a pair of nines. The first is when the number of pips equals, or exceeds 38, and is found on four dominos. This hand is called a high. The second is called a low, and the number of pips equals, or is lower than 9, and is found on four dominos. The final hand is when there are doubles on four dominos. The only exception is when a hand contains three doubles. This will be considered a kiu.

When there are two pairs that contain the same value, or two straights, the player’s hand containing the higher double, or the higher straight will win the hand. Domino QQ online involves mathematics, strategy, and bluffing. These factors are the basis a player uses in determining if they choose to bet, or fold. When a player looks at their cards and sees three doubles, they should never choose to fold since they already have a kiu. They additionally have a chance to be dealt a fourth double with their next domino, which would give them a Qiu Qiu. When a player is dealt a hand that is most likely to lose, they can fold, or hope for the opportunity to steal the pot. Part of the fun of Domino QQ is bluffing, and many players have employed this strategy to win the hand. The downside is if the other players remain through the two rounds, and the cards are revealed, the player who is bluffing will lose.