Is Making Money On Sports Betting a Pipedream?

In America especially we love our sports, to be completely honest we are absolute sports fanatics. We shout at out flatscreen Tv’s that we worked so hard for and depend on for viewing pleasure. A lot of those viewing pleasures are Hollywood movies that glamorize professional card players, slot machine junkies and yes people that make large quantities of money betting on sports. The reality is that there are people that make a nice living betting solely on professional sports. No Hollywood directors and camera’s; just them grinding it out day after day to stay in the black, and within they black area is the hard cold green cash.

The Daily Grind

Now that you know it can be done, let’s look at some of the methods at how an average sports better keeps it profitable. One of the golden rules, keep it profitable! One way to do that is to look at sports betting like a job. You don’t receive your annual salary all at once, do you? Most people are paid weekly or bi-weekly. Play the distance game, if you decide pro-football will your primary income then you allot a certain amount of funds for the season. How many games do you intend to bet on? 16? 32? A number you will hear mentioned a lot is 52.4 percent. That is the win percentage you will need to break even. So anything over that is pure profit going in your pocket; if you won 53 percent of your bets for a football season then call yourself a rockstar, really, do the math. Something else you need to know and accept is that the guys that set the lines are savants at what they do. You don’t need to outsmart them or even be on the level with them. Don’t look for the knockout punch every week or game but the subtle jab that scores points for you. Otherwise known as “value.” That’s the game that can pay you a decent profit with a very low risk to you and low advantage to the house. For instance betting against the home team missing their starting Quarterback. Does it sound impossible for a .500 team to win by 5 points? It shouldn’t, that upset happens multiple times every football season. So why not make some money from it. The goal is to grind to a profit week after week or bare minimum break even.

Invest Time To Gain Knowledge

Just like any other method to making money, it requires that you seek knowledge that will not only make you better at your craft but that will give you advantages on your betting decisions. One of the main reasons this will benefit you is because sports yields the smallest advantage to the house. Primarily because of the human versus human aspect. So for instance, if football is your chosen sport then delve into understanding offenses and defenses. Make sure you know the coaches tendencies. All these things should contribute to where you decide to place your money.

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