Every available game, whether online or offline, requires some skills and knowledge for the player to be successful. Skills and techniques need learning and practice to master and to perfect. Online poker games are not an exception when it comes to improving skills. One effective way to learn something is to know where you can go wrong and try to avoid it as possible. This article gives three common pitfalls beginners make in online poker and in a bid to prevent them. They might be so simple but can lead to unsuccessful bets.


Playing While Intoxicated

Do you attach relaxation to alcohol or drugs? Do you play after being intoxicated? If your answer to the two questions is yes, then playing online bandar domino qiu qiu poker might not be suitable for you. Alcohol and any other drugs affect our judgments, concentrations, and speed of doing things. Online poker needs focus and paying attention to details that will be interfered with by the substance taken. You might even get bored so fast and abandon the game prematurely. We are not suggesting that you don’t take alcohol but be aware that it might work against you. You can make your favorite drink after having secured some money to celebrate.


Been Greedy

Greed is the desire to have more than deserved. What leads players to greed is after successful runs, one wants to go on and on, forgetting that there is a limit to their luck. Once you win a few rounds, wrap it up and call it a day. Take a break and return later if need be. It’s better to make a few bucks and go home than to make a lot of dollars at the start but leave the site with significant losses. Small but consistent wining is what one should consider.


Deciding to Chase Losses

You need to understand that all days are not equal. You will win on some, and on others, you will lose. Once you find yourself on the losing streak, kindly stop and try another day. Have you ever seen yourself doubling the bets to recover losses? Then you need to avoid this pitfall. You might end up losing in folds. Plan for your exit time well.



Though the article has highlighted three pitfalls that beginners fall into, there are many of them. It is advisable you concentrate on learning the basics of the game, practice, and stick to the best winning strategy. This way, you will avoid losing lots of money. Remember, you are not as good as you believe, so take the time to read and learn how to avoid the pitfalls and grow to be an expert.