Sports betting has existed in human society in different forms since time immemorial, and like any other gambling venture, ‘’the house always wins’’ maxim has held steadfast. It is this background that makes it so monumental when an individual manages to beat the golden rule of gambling and wins big against the house. In this article, we will be looking at the few people who stumbled upon the proverbial smile of fate and managed to beat the house and keep the fire of hope alive among the sports betting faithful. For more information on sports betting you can check out 먹튀검증.

Big Money wins in horse racing.

To start you off is every bookmarker’s dream, where Steve Whitely, a little known of engineer, managed to win a whopping 1.45M pounds from a stake of just two pounds. The win, which brought new meaning to the words overnight millionaires, remains a favorite among the sports betting community. All this happened when Steve correctly predicted the outcome of six horse races in the Exeter Tote Jackpot warming the hearts of many hopefuls and acquiring a little fortune for himself in the process.

Big Money wins in by a fan.

The second winner in the list represents a different kind of sports betting fans who also double up as fans for the teams they put wagers on. A St. Louis Cardinals baseball team fan placed a $375 wager that his out of form team would not only make it to the world series but would go ahead and win it which at the time seemed quite a bad idea. In a surprising twist of events, the cardinals managed to win the world championship effectively giving a thousand-fold return to their unwavering fan.

Big Money wins in soccer and golf.

The next winner on this list is not an out and out punter but a grandfather who had incredible faith in his grandson’s talent before anyone else had seen it. This faith saw him earn a cool 125,000 Pounds from a fifty-pound wager when Harry Wilson became the youngest player to ever play for the Welsh national team making his grandfather not only happy but also rich in one go. Closely related to this is Gerry Mcllroy, the father of the 2014 open golf championship, Rory Mcllroy, who ten years before the momentous victory had placed a wager that Rory would win the gold championship before ten years had elapsed. On winning the tournament, Rory made his father the proud winner of $130,000/- earning him a spot on the list of greatest wins in sports betting history.

While it is not every day that we hear of such huge winnings, it is fair to say that sports betting can be quite rewarding when the stars decide to align in your favor.