Do you find it challenging to defend yourself against loose aggressive poker online qq players? Well, do you know LAG professional players know how to pick their spots and time their aggression to a win? LAG is a play style that is more aggressive with more hands. In most cases, LAG expert focuses on finding extra hand +EV spots into his range for a win. However, a lousy LAG player has less reason to apply pressure in exploiting their opponent’s propensities. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pinpoint a good or a lousy online LAG player.

Identifying Loose-Aggressive Players

To correctly pinpoint loose LAG players and analyze their tendencies, you can bank on select tactics discussed below.

  1. Voluntary put in the pot.

This tactic shows the average of all hands played by your opponent before preflop. A multitude of lag aggressive players has a voluntary put in pot ranging between 23% and 35%.

  1. Preflop raiser

This aspect helps in determining the percentage of all aggressively played hands as preflop. It is worth noting; its value is always smaller than the value of VPIP.

A 6% and above difference between the opponent’s VPIP and PFR is an explicit confirmation he is a loose-passive player. However, a player with a higher PFR of more than 30% is appraised as a maniac.

How Do You Beat LAGs

Once you learn a LAG style, you’ll have a clear edge over your opponent and use their LAG style against them.

  1. Consider Your Starting Hand Requirements

Finding yourself out of position against your opponent or holding a weak hand can be devastating. Always forego your strong hands when opening the button. This is especially when dealing with a loose-aggressive opponent. This is because you will be playing with a weak hand against someone who will not let you see an easy showdown.

  1. Slow, Play Your Strong Hands

LAG opponents will often barrel, but this should not intimidate you when holding a firm hand. It’s an outstanding opportunity to call a three-bet with stable pairs such as aces and king. You can as well as extend this slow playing to reap inexplicable benefits since they will always assume you can never have two sets of strong hands.

iii. Bluff Raises Them More Often

To combat your LAG opponent, it is best to play TAG style. This can be achieved by incorporating some bluffs into your weak ranges. It grounds your overall range to capitalize on your opponent’s excessive aggression. It is worth noting, bluffing your opponents assures you some equity for the best hand.

LAG is the first milestone to become a professional online poker player. Therefore, it is wise to adapt to its principles earlier for you to gain an effective strategy in countering your opponents in the future. However, do not overuse these tips so as your opponent can’t predict your moves.