Yes, it can be done. However, you do need to have some kind of skill. That means you cannot start bluffing your way through 99 poker online if you are a novice. Novices to the game (in particular, bluffing) are going to be eaten alive by players more experienced.

How do you go from being a novice bluffer to a skilled player?

Keep in mind, that some of these tips are performed by expert poker players and pros. Now, some of you might not make it that far up the food chain, but you can still use some of the tips.


Start by stealing the blinds more often. The first step in doing that is learning what the blinds are.

The one key point (that some forget about) is you need weak players to make the blind work. Playing with a good, strong hand does not hurt either.

Strong players are not your target audience because they are going to see the play coming a mile away. Strong players work from an extreme level of intelligence.

Say, for example, you see two players who are weak and do not fight back very often (if at all). That is your cue to raise. The link will explain more.


Start betting the flop more. I know that has been said before but betting the flop more is one of the best ways to intensify your bets. What you do is follow the pre-flop raise with a bet on the flop. In other words, you are taking things to the next level. It is all about taking it to the next level in poker.

The good news is that you do not have to connect the flops to make a bet. It is just an option for those who want to play harder. The reason you do not have to connect the flops to continue is the weak players are most likely not going to have anything. That is due to another rule of thumb: You only flop a pair in Texas Hold’Em 1 out of every 3 plays (if that is what you are playing).


The next tip is a bit more advanced because it works mostly for players who have mastered the basic rules. You can bluff raise the turn. This happens when someone double barrels you. You turn around and raise them back. The only time you should try this is when you have either a flush draw, a straight draw or working with two overcards.