The online gambling industry has grown rapidly during the past few years, making South Korea amongst the top gambling countries in Asia. With the increase in internet use and rapidly evolving mobile technology, access to online gambling sites has been made easier and convenient. The restrictive regulations for gambling in the country have led more and more people to turn to online mediums for the purpose.

As the number of online gamblers continues to increase over the years, Woori Casino has emerged as the frontrunner in the industry. It is today the biggest online casino in the country and is also considered one of the most trusted gambling service providers.

Let’s have a quick look at the brief history of Woori Casino and how the business functions today.

History of Woori Casino

Woori Casino began operating in 2006. Since its advent 15 years ago, it has emerged as the biggest site in the country and accounts for more than half of the online gambling market in South Korea.

Due to the restrictions imposed on the gambling industry in the country, Woori Casino’s operations were divided in the form of multiple affiliates, who continue to evolve over the years. The affiliate operating system allows Woori Casino to operate through multiple sites, each holding its own in the gambling industry.

Since 2007, Woori Casino and its affiliates have undergone a name change for their sites after every few years. Today, Woori Casino is referred to as Our Casino, while its affiliates are termed as Our Affiliates. At present, Woori Casino has six affiliate sites, including First Casino, Sands Casino, Merit Casino, Duzon Casino, Coin Casino, and 007 Casino.

Services by Woori Casino

As mentioned earlier, today, Woori Casino constitutes more than 50% market share of the online gambling industry in the country. The business has acquired this status through quality of services, incorporation of advanced technologies to provide up-to-date features to customers, reliability, trust, consistent customer support, and continuous efforts to expand outreach to customers.

For the customer’s benefit, Woori Casino continues to offer promotional schemes. For instance, new customers are provided with coupons to encourage them to participate in betting activities. There are also value-added coupons for existing customers.

New features are added to the user interface to ensure that customers have a seamless availability of features and the sites are easy to use and navigate. Moreover, there is a wide range of games choice provided by Woori Casino, and more games are added on a regular basis.

Trust and reliability are the biggest concern for individuals who play on online gambling sites. Woori Casino has established systems and checks that ensure a safe experience for customers. The payment and withdrawal mechanisms have been streamlined for the customer’s convenience.

Another strong feature that puts Woori Casino at the top in the industry is the setup’s capital strength which enables individuals to make large withdrawals.


Capital strength and reliable and consistent services have strengthened the foundation of Woori 우리카지노 and its affiliates over the last 15 years, leading to a continuous increase in its market share. The business ensures safe and reliable services to customers through strong technical support. Moreover, customer support is available 24/7, so customers do not have to worry about a lack of support if they face any issue.