If you know anything about Indonesia, you probably know it is a Muslim country. You probably also believe that means most Indonesians do not gamble as it is against Islamic law.

In fact, while Indonesia is a Muslim country, millions of Indonesians gamble on a regular basis. Whether that gambling is at home, in underground casinos or on the Internet.

Why is gambling so popular in Indonesia and how does the country’s population manage to engage in it?


A history of gambling — Indonesians have always gambled. Whether that was gambling on cockfighting in their villages, betting on the outcomes of events or playing poker and other casino-style games in underground casinos, gambling has always been popular in Indonesia.

That fact has not changed in modern times, even as laws about gambling have become even more strict. After all, many Indonesians believe, why should people stop gambling just because the government says they must?


Asians love to gamble — When you look at the numbers of people that gamble around the world, the majority are from Asia.

That is partially due to gambling having been prevalent in every Asian country for hundreds of years and so that continues today.

Indonesians are no exception, as they are Asians whose love of gambling is only surpassed by their love of eating and of shopping.


Gambling is easy to do in Indonesia — Even though the government has clamped down on gambling in the country, it is still easy for most Indonesians to engage in the pastime.

This is due both to underground clubs owned and financed by some of the country’s wealthiest people. It is also due to easy access to the Internet and its online casinos like situs judi slot online.

After all, even though the Indonesian government often blocks most online casinos, they can still be easily accessed with the use of a VPN. Most Indonesians know how to use a VPN, therefore those Indonesians that do want to be able to gamble are still able to do so.


Indonesian-owned online casinos — Many of the top online casinos are also owned by wealthy Indonesians. As much of their income is derived from these casinos, they make it known among their countrymen how much fun gambling is in these casinos and how easy it can be to access.

They also make it easy for Indonesians to transfer money to online casinos via various online services. These services mask where the money is going, so Indonesian banks are not able to track what is being spent and whether it is being spent on gambling.

All of this makes it easy for Indonesians who like gambling to gamble both online and offline, and to usually avoid governmental scrutiny.