Among the most popular games in online casinos is the DominoQQ game. What is this and why is it so popular?

About DominoQQ

This game originated in Indonesia and it is similar to a Chinese game called Pai Gow. Playing this game is like playing poker but cards are not used. 28 dominoes are the tools of play. It is very easy to win when playing this game. An example is, if all players fold at the start except one, the one who did not fold wins. Yes, you can win with just one move! The winning chances vary depending on the number of players playing the game but the chances are 25% at worst. As for the wins, they can be quite lucrative.

DominoQQ Rules and How to Play

The game play is just like that of straight poker except that dominoes are used instead of cards. This game is multi-player in nature which means it involves two or more players. At the start of the game, all players bet an equal amount and this money is placed in the pot. The blank dominoes are removed from the deck and each player dealt five dominoes. Each player is shown their cards but these are invisible to the other players. The players each have a decision to make in the first round. The player may choose to bet, call, raise, fold or check. Check means a player holds his hand without betting on it and this is a good decision if you think there are no chances of winning. Call means you add an amount of money in the pot equal to that of other players. Bet means a player decides to play and stake his bet. The winner of Bandarq is the person whose hand has the most points. Other unique combinations that can win this game include straight sixes, the royal hand, straight fives, four of a kind, full house, pairs, flush and triples. If no one wins in the first round the game moves to the second and final round where the same rules apply. The winner is the person holding the cards with the highest value at the end of the second round. All players reveal their cards and the winner is picked. He or she wins everything in the pot!

Where to Play

DominoQQ was initially a reserve of Indonesian casinos but this is no longer the case. You can now play the game at many online casinos. Find an online casino with a good reputation and have a good time playing this game. You will have lots of fun and you just may be the one going home with the pot. Remember that this is a game of chance and anybody can win.