The most popular sports in online casinos are not that much different than the most popular sports offline. This is because the same sports gamblers that bet offline have also joined the online movement, and are betting on the same games. And maybe, just maybe, you can be as lucky as this guy:

But let’s move on to the list of sports that are perfect for some fun bets.

Football or soccer — This is the most popular sport to bet on anywhere in the world. With more than three billion people around the world being soccer fans, they also love to bet on their favorite sport.

The online casinos oblige by providing them with thousands of opportunities to bet on soccer games at all times of the day and night. They can bet on hundreds of leagues and thousands of teams, so there is always something for every soccer fan.


Golf — In recent years, golf has become very popular to watch on TV, which has translated to it becoming a popular sport to bet on.

With players like Tiger Woods becoming so famous, sports lovers who were not initially interested in golf have also been pulled into the game. They started to enjoy it and, if they were gamblers, they began to bet on it too.


Basketball — Basketball fever tends to take over the United States when the season is in full swing. Fans who love the game also want to bet on specific game outcomes if they are gamblers, and many of them take that wish to an online casino.


American football — In the United States, and in some other countries, American football is hugely popular. It also has fans that obsess about the sport to such an extent they want to be involved in it as much as possible.

That involvement ends up online, where American football fans place hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bets every month during the season.