Are you a soccer enthusiast who is wondering what it would be like to bet on the sport? If yes, then you are in the right place. Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide, and like you, millions of punters have leveraged their love for the game and their knowledge base to wager successfully and earn money while enjoying the process.

While there are numerous types of soccer bets to choose from, it is better to begin with, the simpler soccer bets. Placing simple bets will help you learn the art of Judi Bola betting successfully and help you gain confidence for future gambling endeavors. So, here are five of the most common soccer bets for you if you are a beginner.

Double chance bet

Let’s begin with the bet with the least risk. In the double chance bet, you can pick two out of three possible outcomes of a soccer game. For instance, you can bet that team A will win or the match will end in a draw. If team B wins, you will lose the bet, and in the event of any other outcome, you will win. The payout for a double chance bet is not very high, so you may not get a lot of money if you win.

Draw no bet

In this type of bet, you bet on which team will win, and it does not consider the draw outcome. If a match ends in a draw, you will be returned the amount you have a bet. Since the draw option is not available, the draw no bet is slightly riskier than the double chance bet. However, if one of the teams is a significantly stronger player, the outcome may be pretty obvious.

The three-way money line bet

The draw no bet is a simpler version of the three-way money line bet. This type of bet is related to the game outcome and is pretty straightforward. As the name suggests, according to this type of bet, you can wager on whether the team will win or lose or neither team will win, and the match will end in a draw.

Unless an exception has been specified, the match is considered a draw in the event of extended game time.

Both teams score

While the previous bets were based on the game’s outcome, you have other betting options too. For instance, you can wager if both teams will score. You can also wager that neither team will score. Another way to place this kind of wager is that only one of the teams will score.

Player to score

The fifth common bet we suggest for beginner bettors is which player will score in the match you are betting on. While surprises are always there, players in the attacking position are always the most likely to score. If you guess the right player, you will be walking away with the winnings.

While all these bets are simple and basic, it is always important to remember that betting is not without risk. So, you must always be prepared for things to turn the other way.