Texas Hold’em, 5 Card & Seven Card Stud

Poker is a game played by millions of people from all walks of life, which has become one of our country’s most popular pastimes. There are a plethora of different variations and styles of poker such as Texas Hold’em, which only takes minutes to learn and is probably the most common type of poker. The dealer is required to shuffle a 52-card deck; each player is then dealt 2 cards, which should be face-down. The players will then have the option to call big blind, raise, or fold; the goal is to create the best five-card hand. There are a variety of different variations of Texas Hold’em which include No-Limit Texas Hold’em, Limit Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and spins-offs such as Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple. If you’re an amateur poker player, you might want to consider playing 5-Card Stud, which is probably the simplest way to play poker. Each player is dealt 5 face-down cards, which they must use to produce a winning hand. There’s also 7-Card Stud, which is similar to 5-Card Stud, but instead, each player is dealt 2 cards face-down and one face-up. After the first round of bets, each player is then dealt additional cards; all of which should be face-up until the 7th card is dealt, which is dealt face-down. At the end of the final round, all the remaining players are then asked to show their cards and whoever has the best hand wins.

Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker was introduced in 1995 and if you’re not familiar with poker, it may take some time to get used to, which is vastly different than Texas Hold’em. The game is played with four players; each player is dealt 13 cards, which must be arranged into three different hands. The top hand is made up of 3 cards, which all should rank lowest to highest. The middle hand is made up of 5 cards, which must rank higher than the top hand. Lastly, there’s the bottom hand, which is also made up of 5 cards and must rank the highest of the three hands. Players are given one point for each hand they win. Chinese Poker, which is similar to Pai Gow Poker, has a lot of action and is very easy to play. P.S. Chines Poker is not to be confused with DominoQQ Online


If you’re a fan of Texas Hold’em then you should consider playing Omaha. The game features each player being dealt 4 face-down cards. Each player is then allowed to use 2 cards from that hand. When it comes to the betting rounds, the game is played out similar to Texas Hold’em. There are 2 common variations of Omaha, which include Omaha High and Omaha Hi-Lo. Omaha High is played almost exactly like a game Texas Hold’em, where each player must try to produce the best hand. While, Omaha Hi-Lo, in order to win the player must have the best high hand and the best low hand, which means 5 different cards eight or lower.