Starting another season of American football by betting the same way you did last season may not be the best idea. Not if you were not one of the big winners.

Start a new season with these tips, however, and you may just find yourself doing far better than the last.


Do not bet on games you are not confident about — Many people who bet on American football will have a bad day. They then compound that bet day by betting on other games they are not confident about.

In other words, do not chase after a bad day in an attempt to make it better by betting on a game you either do not know about, or do not think will have the outcome you expect.


Do not hold grudges — A professional gambler never holds grudges when it comes to placing bets. After all, a football team that caused you to lose big a few weeks ago could have the opposite effect today.

Be sure to bet on each game as a separate entity, and not hold grudges against a team by presuming they will play the same way they did before.


Place your bets early — If you are confident in a result, and you like the line that is being offered, place your bet early. If not, you could find yourself with the option of worsening odds as the week progresses and the game gets closer.


Underdogs often offer the best odds — While you may be tempted to always bet on the favorite, this is not the way to win big. After all, with the favorite team expected to win more often than not, odds tend to remain low.

Bet on the underdog, however, and if you are correct you really will reap the rewards.


Do your research — Know as much about the teams you bet on as you have time to learn. That usually means spending several hours a week researching teams, the players on those teams, their wins and losses, their coaches and if they prefer home or away games and of course, what bets are worth it (more on that on

Having all that research behind you will not only help you make smarter gambling decisions on specific games, it will also help you keep making them in the future. Especially if you continue to keep up to date on the news about each team you will bet on.


Decide on a maximum bet — Finally, never go into betting on American football games without having already decided on what your maximum bet will be.

This should be only a small percentage of your bankroll, and it should be an amount you do not go over, no matter how promising the results of an upcoming game may seem to be.


Choose a maximum bet and stick to it, and you will have enough money to keep gambling on the games you enjoy.