Playing Texas Hold’em Poker is not the same thing as playing in a live tournament. In many ways, it’s much simpler because there are fewer players involved. Pot odds are also easier to calculate.


However, 카지노커뮤니티 Poker introduces an extra element that can be difficult for new players to deal with: Online poker games involve very little interaction with the other players at the table.


This means that you need to make judgments based solely on what you hold and what is showing on the board (the community cards). It’s not always easy, but with practice, it can become second nature.


So what are the top 5 starting hand rankings in Texas Hold’em? What hands should you play, and which ones should you fold? It cannot be easy to know how to classify your hand, so let’s go through them one by one.


We’ll start with the strongest possible holdings and work our way down. With any luck, you’ll end up folding a lot of hands that you thought were playable but aren’t really.


Before we begin, though, it’s important to remember the golden rule of Texas Hold’em: If you have been dealt a pair or better and there remains at least one round of betting after you, then you should play the hand until the end.


You never want to give up, and you should be trying to accumulate as many chips as possible. Only the truly weak players give up when they’ve hit their outs and still have a chance of scooping the pot.

When you’re deciding between which hands to play, remember that if your opponent doesn’t fold, then you need to determine whether or not your hand is good enough to continue. If you think it is – by all means, push on and try and win the pot.


However, if you’re up against a strong player who will make you pay for staying in with anything less than top 5 hold’em hands, then don’t be afraid to fold your hand and play another day.


The Top 5 Starting Hold’em Hands You can have in Online Poker.


  1. A-A (AKA Pocket Rockets) – This is the dream pre-flop hand. It’s the best starting hand you can have, and if your opponent also has an ace, then your chances of winning grow even more.


  1. A-K (AK, but this time it’s not “Aces and Kings”) – This hand is considered slightly better than the above, but the difference is incredibly small. The only reason why you’re aiming for this card instead of A-A is that there might be other players at your table who could have an ace in their hand too.


  1. K-K (King Kong) – This is an equally strong hand like the ones mentioned above, and this play is perfect when there are limpers involved or if you’re under the gun. Nowadays, most players do not raise with this starting card unless they have a good reason.


  1. A-Q (Ace-King) – This is a pretty strong hand, and it’s better than having pocket pair + an Ace because there are more cards out of 52 that will make you straight or flush (44).


  1. K-Q (King Queen) – While the difference between K-Q and A-K or K-K is minimal, this hand suits your needs better because, again, there are more outs.