Few things in life can give you an amazing thrill as well as the excitement of a game of blackjack in a Monte Carlo casino. Besides, these gambling Meccas are occupied with people who want to enjoy their hard-earned money the best way possible-by placing bets and receiving a taste of risk in a fun-filled atmosphere. Land casinos were prevalent before. Although they still are, there’s a shift, which is the ongoing rise of online casinos.

The Rise of Online Casinos

It’s the era of the internet, cryptocurrencies, and other numerous technologies that are overriding the world by storm. This created a challenge for the gambling industry as it lost its charm. But, online casinos started emerging at this point. It’s not an exaggeration to reiterate that online gambling has saved the gambling industry by filling the gap that existed with the growing passage of time. Here are some of the ways why online casinos have become popular.

The History of Online Casinos

The roots of online casinos date back to 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda passed a policy called the Free Trade and Processing Act. It allowed licenses to be granted to organizations that applied to open online casinos. Prior to the establishment of online casinos, the first functional gambling software was created by Microgaming, a prominent Isle of software that was secured by CryptoLogic, a famous online security software company. The safe transactions became viable thereby facilitating the development of the first online casinos.

Establishing Gambling Commissions

1996 marked the establishment of major online gambling administrations including Kahnawake Gaming Commission that regulates online gaming and issues gaming licenses to various online casino rooms. This move kept the operations licensed, fair and transparent. Around 1997, online gambling gained popularity. The number of internet gambling sites increased from 15 to 200 websites in 2000. Revenues exceeded $830 million. In that same year, the gambling commission introduced the first online poker rooms. The Internet Gambling Prohibition Clause was also launched to regulate the industry. Although the prohibition act didn’t pass, multiplayer was granted in 1999. It allowed players to gamble and interact in an online platform.

The benefits of online casino websites are notable. The apps are user-friendly and easier to create, maintain, and upgrade. Over the years, developers preferred using dedicated apps instead of mobile-friendly websites to help players in accessing online casino games. They also became comforted by the challenges encountered in adapting to a fully-fledged online casino since they were temporary. The biggest hurdle is adjusting to these apps and overcoming their impending challenges. The major downside is that an app needs to be created for every dedicated provider including Android and Windows.


Even though mobile casino sites are taking over the gambling industry, there has always been a disagreement between developers, operators, as well as the public when it comes to adapting to the new technological era. All these groups are, however, agreeing to lean towards apps instead of mobile-friendly sites since that’s one of the latest trends. It could also benefit everyone in the gambling industry. Online casinos have continued to take over the gambling industry. In recent research and survey by the commission of gambling, a more profound insight highlights how consumers utilize online gaming sites and other demographics. From the statistics, mobile gambling is not as popular. Laptops take a significant lead with 50% of the users questioning how to access online gambling websites.