The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or the UFC, represents a broad spectrum of professional sports fighting. It covers the many nuances of boxing, from lightweight to heavyweight, plus a wide selection of mixed martial arts, or MMAs.

Moneyline Bets

One of the best ways to start is by making a moneyline bet through sites like 1xbet Portugal. When placing your bet, it is important to note that the minus sign is a positive. It means that the fighter you’re looking at is a favorite who is projected to be a winner for that match. For example, if your favorite pick happens to be Player A, then all it takes is for you to look at his number, which, hypothetically speaking. If Player A is a -170 favorite, then all you would need to do is put down $170 to make your bid.

Over Or Under? The Totals Bet

Another path to successful betting in the UFC is reading the trajectory of a fighting match. The totals bet is where critical information is displayed that projects the number of rounds that the fight is expected to last and if it will go under or over that amount. For example, if you’re looking at a match that’s scheduled to last for 2 rounds but finishes within the first round, then it’s considered a match that will go under, but if it goes anywhere over 2, then you have an over.

Prop Bets

There appears to be some other vital information on bet placing for the UFC that could serve those who are serious about making good money during a match. And the type given seems to be aimed towards seasoned bettors who enjoy making the process fun, engaging, and exciting for themselves. Prop bets are one of the varieties out there for those who want to liven things up a bit. In fact, prop bets are special bids that involve the specific method or way in which the fighter is expected to come out on top in a fight. You can pick the method of victory, in which you get to decide how the fighter should win, whether by points or by a split decision. Round betting placing a bid on who might win in a specific round rather than the entire fight.

Know Your Fighters

Whichever way you place your bid, it’s all about simple math. Know your fighters. Get a glimpse into their history, including the highlights and low times in their career. There are sites that have online stats on the most popular competitors, along with their weight class and how they rank within it. Plus, the UFC has their own Betting News and Consensus pages, where this information can be accessed right before the fights begin. And the sports books have the latest information on top fighters and where they stand.