Playing online poker at high stakes requires the necessary techniques and experience. First, you can learn the techniques by playing the micro stakes. It’s no different from playing other online games. You start playing manageable levels and move on to higher levels while you learn the intricacies. With experience, you’ll soon find what it takes to defeat your opponents.


Let’s jump into the various stakes in online idn poker and see the difference.




Micro Stakes


The stakes usually range from $0.01 / $0.02 to $0.10 / $0.25. You play at these stakes to learn basic things like value, bluff, and when to fold your bet. It’s also a common place for passive and recreational players. Some basic skills will easily win here and go by many hands. You will win some if you don’t make a lot of mistakes. However, the winning stakes are pretty small, comparable to the bet.




Small Stakes


Involves higher stake at $0.25 / $0.50 and $0.50 / $1.00. You see more aggressive players at these stakes. Although there are still many recreational players around, you can also meet some pros here. Winning requires a higher skill level since there are more talented pros playing. Understanding several advanced techniques will make you go far at these stakes.




Medium Stakes


These stakes are $1 / $2, $2 / $4, and $3 / $6. Best players assemble to bet at several sizes here. Experienced players will take advantage to exploit innocent new gamers. Therefore, playing at these stakes requires you to know the ins and outs so that you could weave through your opponents. Successful players strike a balance by constantly changing their strategies as the session continues.





High Stakes


Players taking part in high stakes often play at medium stakes as well. Most players jump into high stakes occasionally. They select desirable games and carefully prepare to manage their bankrolls. People playing at this level have high dedication to the game. It’s like a career to them. In addition, they keep track of the latest strategies. It’s crucial since you can win or lose big games at these stakes.






There are no hard and fast rules on how to win in the high stakes or the micro stakes. If you know the difference between these stakes, then it’s easier to decide where to play. You would have a good idea of how to win at each level. Micro stakes are best for leisure plays. However, serious players should play more at high stakes, provided they have extra money to spend.