Casino games introduce players to a world of fun and the possibility of winning money. However, the rules of the game and lack of skills may dampen the morale of new bettors. If you are just getting started with gambling sites not on gamstop, here are four games that will welcome you.




Slots rank among the easiest casino games a beginner can try. Usually, casinos allow a few free spins. When playing, all you have to do is pull a lever and observe a forming combination. Your move results in a win if three or more symbols match. If trying slots online, it is even easier to play. One has to press a “spin” button and wait for a new combo. The fact that spins are wildly unpredictable makes playing slots even more exciting.




With a bit of luck, you can win a roulette game without any skills. This possibility makes it an enticing game for newbies. The game starts by guessing the number a ball (usually called a pill) will rest on after being thrown on a spinning wheel. A dealer then throws the ball, and if it lands on your selected number, you win. While strategies to help you win exist, beginners may start by betting on their lucky numbers.




Blackjack may appear to have more rules than other beginner-friendly casino games, but you will find it surprisingly easy to play and master. The game kicks off with two or more players, each holding two cards. You can either hit (ask for a card) or stand to beat the dealer’s hand. However, the total value of your cards should be twenty-one or less at all times. Be sure to check out the game’s rules, as different casinos may have varied guidelines.


Let It Ride


Let it ride is a poker variation that suits novice players unexpectedly well. The game requires at least three players and a dealer. The first step involves each player receiving three facedown cards. Then, they may call their bet or “let it ride.” As the dealer has two cards, you can “let it ride” up to two times before all player show their cards and the winning hand carries the day. You may have to play a few times to know all the possible poker hands, but you can be sure to have fun as you learn.


Get Started with Simple Casino Games


While the sheer number of casino games can scare a newbie off, there are many easy-to-play tournaments where beginners can have fun. As you get started with the games, be sure to bet small as learning is the principal objective during the initial stages.